Carmen Villadar

About Carmen

Carmen was an early adopter of social media, using it for brand engagement and community management back in 2007. Her flair for connecting and establishing strong online relationships was seen during the start of Google’s, Android revolution when she first created What’s up, Android? as a platform to help jumpstart the adoption of the new mobile operating system. Calling herself the Android PR Gal quickly garnered her a following of Android developers and mobile enthusiasts. Carmen made it a point to let people know that the PR stood for People Relationships.

As an early tech adopter and startup connector her natural ability to engage online and drive people to a call-to-action garnered her a spot in a list of the first Top 100 Female Futurists.

In 2009, Carmen joined the marketing team at to assist Verbatim in launching their new product (LED Lighting) into a new market, at the annual Light + Building Fair in Frankfurt, Germany.


Carmen’s work with the Verbatim team added another layer of experience in observing and understanding the process in getting people to accept and adopt to something “new”. Carmen acquired the foundation and skill sets of outlining the steps needed to fill in the gap between early adoption and mainstream acceptance. As part of the New Media team of WHERE Magazines International in Toronto, the challenge of pitching the value of being on the internet to its global publishers between 1994 – 1996 proved invaluable.

After working remotely in coffee shops since 2007, DF Studio Café was shortly conceived as a brand engagement outfit in 2010.

Carmen’s clients range from a variety of startups in the fintech (blockchain, crypto) and healthcare space, retail, consulting agencies, and STEM Education.

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