Livestream Because You Can

For the life of me, I can’t understand why organizers don’t integrate a livestream for their events. WTF! It’s 2014 people. I’ve been livestreaming meetups/events since 2008 in Frankfurt, Germany for the rest of the world to peek in and have a looksie. Heck, I’ve even livestreamed RL(Real Life) events into SL (Second Life).

Are organizers actually thinking that if they were to provide a livestream then the number of physical attendees would drop? Or that those who haven’t paid for the event shouldn’t be privy to its content? Nonsense. Other events livestream.

You’d think that in this extremely connected world we live in, events that harp on topics such as social media or crowdsourcing would at least provide a livestream.

Just grab your fuckin’ laptop, turn it around and face its camera to the stage. Pppffftt!

If you’re thinking of having an event and you’re not sure how to effectively livestream, contact me on twitter. I’ll help you for FREE.

Why you would want to livestream your event:

1. Reach a larger audience (ummmm, the world)

2. Engage a larger audience.

3. Introduce your event brand to a larger audience.

4. Provide a larger audience for your speakers (they’ll really love you for this)

5. Let the world know what topics are being presented.

6. Oh, you know … connect to a larger audience.

I may have to write a detailed post on things to think about when livestreaming an event (logistics, positioning, audio, monitoring, moderating, livestream platforms *think Google Hangout connected to YouTube) because obviously it’s not that common.